Sven Hoffmann is a photographer but he still does something else to his pictures. At first glance, they arouse the curiosity to see how they are created?

It's a pretty complicated, tedious and risky process in which the Berliner artist creates his colorful, vibrant work. The results are great works that resemble paintings. But since they are welded on solid wood panels, aluminum plates or thick metal blocks, they appear to the viewer as more three-dimensional and assume sculptural shape.

„burn art“ is Sven Hoffmann’s elaborate and continuously developed technology for processing his photographic material. He uses analogue photography, exposes and develops his films in his own laboratory. With the help of fire he burns and melts his material carefully and systematically.

This creates bubbles, distortions and color fusions that are effectively incorporated by the artist. The resulting photo paper template is again worked on and finally laminated with adhesives on wood or metal.

abandoned places


blackout energy

caught in me



Independent artist with activities of mechanics and carpentry, advertising photography for photo agencies

1995 - 1997
Stay in Costa Rica - Building a joinery, furniture manufacturing from Beachwood -Acquisition a photo equipment for Photochemical Work

1993 - 1994
Study in Thailand - Sculpture - Recycled Art as a welder and painter

1986 - 1992
Training as a mechanic at Osram and activity

1976 - 1986
Elementary and junior high school in Charlottenburg Elizabeth High School

Moving to West Berlin

Born on October 7 in East Berlin

Dr. Peter Schütt
about Sven Hoffmann

    the previous highlight of my work
   was the development of my own technique:
burn art


31. August - 01. September 2019
Kunsttage Unkeler Höfe Group exhibition

01. May - 05. May 2019
ART MUC Kunstmesse in München

20 April – 24 June 2018
Mark Rothko Art Center Museum in Latvia, Group exhibition

November 2017
Shanghai Art Fair, Kunstmesse in Shanghai, China

June 2017
artpul - Fair for contemporary art in Eupen, Belgium

Dezember 2016
Opening of Pashmin Art Gallery in Shanghai, China

November 2016
"Spectrum Miami Art Fair" International fair for contemporary art in Florida, USA

Oktober 2016
Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg: "Encounters", Group exhibition

March 2016
SCOPE New York
International Art Fair

December 2015
ART MIAMI - International Art Fair in Florida

August 2015
MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing – Group exhibition

January 2015
Art Palm Beach - International
fair for contemporary art
in Florida

August 2014
Art Essenz Nr. 16, Berlin
Art fair at the Sonycenter

June 2014
art scope basel
International art fair
in Basel

June 2014
Open Air Gallery Nr. 12
Berlin art fair

November 2013
6. Teltow Art-Sunday
Alte Biomalz-Fabik
Iserstr. 8 - 10

September 2013
6. Long Night of Images
in Berlin

Gallery Kunst-Projekt
Format Berlin

August 2013
Art Essenz Nr. 15, Berlin
Art fair at the Sonycenter

July 2013
Open Air Gallery Nr. 11
Berlin art fair

June 2013
Art & Champagne Berlin
Single exhibition
"Berlin Impressions"

The Rahmenmanufaktur U. Mühlich Berlin single exhibitions
"Berlin Impressions"

August 2012
Art Essenz Nr. 14, Berlin
Art fair at the Sonycenter

July 2010
Open Air Gallery No. 8
Berlin art fair


SCOPE Basel 2014
Exhibition catalogue 17 - 22/06/2014,
presented by Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg.

View full catalog as PDF-file.


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Hoffmanns Atelier
Sven Hoffmann
Isarstr. 8
16515 Oranienburg

Mobil: +49 152 51 370 265



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